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Finger Printing Service Details

I am certified by the State of California, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice Fingerprint Rolling Certification program to roll applicant fingerprint impressions for licensee, certification, and employment purposes, Canadian immigration, and we provide full fingerprinting service assistance to residents, and businesses in several cities, and counties.

Please note that I cannot provide fingerprinting services required for INS purposes, e.g. Fingerprinting for Green Card purposes, or, US Citizenship purposes.




Adoption Fingerprinting

Background check Fingerprinting

Criminal record Fingerprinting

Construction job Fingerprinting

Employment purpose Fingerprinting
Education Fingerprinting
Financial Institutions Fingerprinting

Insurance Fingerprinting


We will handle all your Fingerprinting needs. We have been providing Fingerprinting services to

individuals as well as to Business big and small.

IRS / Tax Fingerprinting

Licensure Fingerprinting

Security & Exchange Fingerprinting

Medical / Health Care Fingerprinting

Verification Fingerprinting

Visa & Travel Requirement

Overseas Verification

Canadian Immigration and More

A thumbprint or fingerprint is one of the most effective tools used to identify a signer — which is why it is an integral part of many Notaries’ journal records. But some signers, fearing for their privacy, balk at leaving a print in a Notary’s journal.

How Notaries deal with this situation depends on state law. If a thumbprint is required for a journal entry, such as for certain real estate documents in California, then the Notary can explain that taking the print is a mandatory part of the notarial act. Notaries should also explain that they do not share the print with other persons or let strangers examine journal entries without proper authorization. If the signer still refuses, then the Notary should politely decline the notarization and make a note of the signer’s refusal to leave a print in the journal entry.

In any case, if the signer’s behavior is suspicious and he or she refuses to give a thumbprint even after it’s made clear that it is a regular policy, the Notary may choose not to continue with the notarization. Notaries must evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis and weigh the circumstances against their fingerprint policy. It’s best to be fair and consistent when communicating and applying a policy on taking prints.


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