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Living Wills And Trusts

Preparing Your Living Trust or Will Is A Must

It is unfortunate how often as a notary you are called to notarize a will or living trust for an individual that is on their death bed. It makes for a very sad situation when your client is someone that is dying and you are called to notarize their last wishes.

This familiar scenario illustrates how important it is to begin your estate planning process before an emergency arises. Very few of us want to think about our death but if you have assets that you want to transfer as painlessly as possible to your heirs, then it is VERY important that you take the time to prepare a living trust or will.
It only takes a $100,000 in assets to send your heirs to probate court, which is a notoriously long and costly process. It took over a year to resolve the probate case that resulted from my father's death. Going through probate is something I would not want to wish on anyone.

Preparing your will or living trust can be prepared in a cost effective manner using the expert services.

A notary can not prepare the paperwork for you , YOU MUST FIND AN ATTORNEY.


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